Frequently Asked Questions

1) Can I save an incomplete data map and return to it to complete it at a later time?
At this time, you must complete the entire data map in one session. That is why we encourage all users to download the planner checklist and complete it on paper ahead of using the software.

2) What do I do if I make a mistake in the data map and want to reprint a plan with a correction?
All users are given unlimited use in case they make data entry mistakes. You can also correct mistakes on your own computer if you wish, after you have downloaded the CarePlan Option Report, by using the "Find/Replace" feature in your word processing program.

3) Can I (or my organization) photocopy the plan and either share it or resell it to my/our client?
Professionals and institutions may only reproduce, share, or resell plans per the terms of the license agreement. Individual purchasers are allowed to reproduce plans for their own use, but not for public sale or distribution.

4) Can I save the plan I purchase and edit it if I choose?
Yes. All plans are downloaded as "Rich Text Format (RTF)" files, and can be saved, modified, printed and/or and emailed.

5) Can I rely on the information in the report?
The HomeCare Planner's researchers regularly verify that all of the information in the report is accurate. However, individual states often change Medicaid access rules. Users should check with a social worker or a lawyer familiar with Medicaid rules before actually submitting any applications or doing any estate planning.

6) If I work for a health care organization, is the information I enter subject to HIPAA regulations?
The short answer is "No!" Again, the information you enter cannot be associated with your client as there is no identifying data. The only time you need to concern yourself with HIPPAA is if you retain either a copy of the planning checklist or a copy of the report and place it in your office records.

7) Can I share my user ID and password with colleagues?
For commercial users, all user IDs and passwords are protected and confidential. Their use is tracked by The HomeCare Planner and shared with the individual or organizational licensees. Sharing User ID and password with colleagues who are not authorized users is a violation of the license agreement.

8) Is personal information protected when entered it into the questionnaire?
The HomeCare Planner Software does not accept any identifying information about care receivers or users—not last name, address, social security number or birth date. By accepting first names only, the data map cannot connect information to any individual.