HomeCare Planner Software

The HomeCare Planner Software is a web-based, knowledge-management software that offers accurate, reliable long-term care planning and decision-making support. It helps care receivers and their famiies plan for long term care needs. It can be used for:

  • Patients of medical providers and home care agencies
  • Beneficiaries of insurance policies
  • Clients of eldercare advocates
  • Residents of senior housing facilities

Users enter data describing a care receiver's unique demographic, financial, functional, home-performance, and social-support variables. The end product — the CarePlan Options Report — provides summary long-term care evaluations in seven global categories, including:

1) Preventive-Care Services
2) Community Program Access
3) Affordable Cost-of-Care Budgets
4) Family Care-Coordination Advice
5) Unique Resource-Development Options
6) Home Performance Assessments (For improved accessibility)
7) Care Management, Care Planning and Care Giving Guidance

FAQs - Most of your questions answered here

Using the HomeCare Planner Software is easy:

Step 1: Gather the care receiver’s unique financial, functional, social and living-space information.

  • Download the Planning Checklist here

Step 2: Login to the software and enter care receiver data

Step 3: Click “Write Report” and download a customized CarePlan Options Report